Now that you have uploaded a list, the next step is to build a cool campaign.

The first thing to do, is click on "Campaigns" in the right hand nav, then "Create" and then "Marketing campaign".

After that, select one of our free templates or get in touch and we can build you one.

Once you've picked a template, you'll be moved onto the Setup screen.

This is where you choose:

  • Subject (what you'd like to appear in the subject line of an inbox)

  • Teaser (what will appear in the email preview, after the subject line)

  • From (the email address that will appear as to who sent the comm)

  • Reply-To (which email address you'd like to appear if the reader hits reply)

When you're happy with all the fields, hit next.

Now you can select the list you just uploaded (it will sit under "Choose subscribers"), then click next. Don't worry about Filters yet.

This is the fun part. Simply drag and drop the various elements of the email until you're happy with the layout. 

Then where you see text, click it to edit.

Lastly, if you want to change images, go into the "Images" tab on the left hand side and drag and drop.

Next send a test email to make sure it works in different clients. Just click "Preview" then "Preview and Test" in the top right corner.

You'll be able find your account email to test with.

Again, once you're happy, hit next.

Here you just confirm all the campaign details and choose when you'd like to release the email.

Assuming you're good, click "Send".

Boom. You've just sent your first campaign via BetterMail.


Once your campaign has sent (won't take long), you can see how it performed via our Reports.