It's really easy to create a survey with BetterMail. Our default template is responsive too.

The first step is to go into the Survey section once you've logged in and click on Create Survey button.

From there, you'll need to pick a name for the survey for internal purposes.

Once that's done, click on the survey name to start building it.

The next step is to put some copy in place for your customers or clients by going into the Settings section.

Here you'll see five HTML boxes to fill out.

Title - This is the customer facing tile of your survey. e.g. Quick Survey

Intro - Where you welcome the respondent and let them know the purpose of the survey. e.g. Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey, it will help us improve our service to you. 

Final - Here you thank the respondent for their time. e.g. Thanks again for completing this survey.

Complete message - Where you let the respondent know they have successfully completed the survey. e.g. All done!

Already completed message - Sometimes people will come back to the survey after it's already been completed, in this event it's good to let them know they can't change their answers. e.g. Sorry, this survey has already been completed.

When you're happy with it, click Save in the top right-hand corner. 

Now go to the Questions section. You'll see four options to use depending on the type of questions you plan to ask. Simply drag and drop them to add to the form.

Small text - This module allows the respondent to answer using a small free text box. Useful if you want to receive short and concise responses.

Large text - Just like the small text module but allows a much larger free text box. You can change the size of it by stretching the bottom right corner of the box.

Dropdown - This module is great if you'd like the respondent to pick one answer from a set of predefined options. Also useful compared to Radio buttons if there are lots of options available.

Press the edit button to define these options.

Radio button list - Radio buttons are useful if you want to emphasize the other available choices and/or have not many options to choose from.

Press the edit button to define these options.


Once you've finished building all your questions, it's time to link it to a campaign.

Go to Step 2 - Sending your survey