List Permission

BetterMail is a permission-based email service provider. This means that no purchased, rented, or scraped lists can be used in BetterMail even if these addresses are for people in your industry, trade association, etc. These lists are notorious for providing bad addresses that can cause high bounce rates and lead to blacklisting.

Blacklisting is bad for your brand, and can impact BetterMail’s repetition so we’re really against any practice that can lead to it.


List Management

  • Keeping your list clean of bounces and unsubscribes 

As we automatically remove bounces and unsubscribes from previous campaigns we recommend uploading to the same list as much as possible. 

For example, in the event you accidentally upload a subscriber that has unsubscribed from the list already, they will be automatically excluded.

Please note: Because all lists in BetterMail are independent of each other, there's no overall account suppression list. Bounces and unsubscribes are managed on a per-list basis only.

  • Sending to specific sections of your list

As we recommend maintaining a single list, if you want to target specific subscribers, use Groups or Filters.

  • Don't delete lists and unless necessary

While you won't lose the subscriber profile information (email address etc) as it's stored in your database, all history associated with that list will be lost.

This also means that you could add back people who previously unsubscribed or bounced. If that occurs, it can lead to increased hard bounces and abuse complaints which may prompt a sending suspension and compliance review.