Once you've created an account with us, the first step towards sending an email is to add a new list.

In the world of BetterMail, a list holds important information about who you are sending to.

We recommend as a minimum you upload an Email Address and a First Name.

To get started, simply click "Add List" and "Upload from file". We only support CSV format so you'll need to convert your spreadsheet if it's in excel for example.


Once it's uploaded, you'll see above screen. All you need to do here is drag and drop the fields from your file into the list.

If there are no fields that match in the list, drag the fields in question into the "drop to add new" box. We'll ask you if it's a "Database field", click ok.

Now click next.

Almost finished. Here you choose if you'd like to upload your data to a new list or an existing list (we'll get to Groups later).

Pick "Upload this file to a new list" and name the list something that represents the people within it.

Click "Finish" and we'll upload the data for you.


Now we can move onto the fun stuff - building a campaign.